The MacGaiter Co. Scotland

Neoprene gaiters - strong, lightweight, comfortable, waterproof and washable

We are pleased to introduce MacGaiter neoprene gaiters, a revolutionary addition to outdoor clothing in the UK. Also recommended by The Scottish Gamekeepers association, The British Deer Society and Wild and Exotic Mongolian Adventures.

Why do people wear MacGaiters?
Made from light weight neoprene (the material from which wet suits are made) and fastened with a concealed Velcro strip, MacGaiter neoprene gaiters are quick and easy to put on and take off. Fitting neatly over all forms of outdoor footwear these gaiters are smart and so light that they remain comfortable even after the most rigorous day on the hill or the most arduous walking trip.

The neoprene makes no inconvenient rustling noises, is highly waterproof and warm, and its durability ensures that the gaiters are equal to the toughest terrain, perfect for hiking, shooting, riding or just walking!


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